Nov 10, 2010

اعلان وزارة الدولة للتنمية الادارية

تعلن وزارة الدولة للتنمية الإدارية عن حاجتها للتعاقد لشغل الوظائف التالية :

الشروط الواجب توافرها لشغل الوظيفة
اخصائى حسابات مخازن
  •  الحصول على مؤهل بكالوريوس تجارة
  •  المهارة فى استخدام الحاسب الآلى
  •  انهاء الخدمة العسكرية فى حال التقدم للذكور
  •  الرغبة فى أداء وانهاء الأعمال بمرونة ونظام
  •  العمل فى بيئة العمل المكتبية ، كما يمكن أن يتطلب العمل فى أيام العطلات الرسمية أو العمل لساعات متأخرة
الشروط الواجب توافرها لشغل الوظيفة
اخصائي مركز اتصالات مواطنين
  •  حاصل على شهادة جامعية والحماس لأداء المهام ويفضل أيضاً الحاصل على دورات تدريبية في مراكز الاتصال.
  •  خبرة لا تقل عن عام واحد في العمل بمراكز الاتصال / مكاتب خدمة المواطنين.
  •  المهارة في استخدام الأساليب التكنولوجية الحديثة ونظم المعلومات.
  • الرغبة في أداء وإنهاء الأعمال بمرونة ونظام.
  •  العمل في بيئة العمل المكتبية، كما يمكن أن يتطلب العمل في أيام العطلات الرسمية، أو العمل لساعات متأخرة وكذا القيام بزيارات لمواقع العمل.

ترسل الطلبات  والسيرة الذاتية على البريد الإلكتروني
برجاء توضيح اسم الوظيفة في موضوع الرسالة ولن يلتفت إلى غير ذلك
في موعد أقصاه   14/11/2010
ولن يلتفت إلى الطلبات التي لا تستوفي الشروط المذكورة
وسوف يتم استكمال المستندات الدالة على الشروط المطلوبة عند الاختيار للمقابلة الشخصية

Airline Sales Representative - Gulf Travel & Tours


Gulf Travel & Tours
Job Title
Airline Sales Representative
Job Type
Full Time
Perfect Command of English language is must, another language is an asset. preferably language school graduate.
1. Handling Airlines sales. 2. Communicating with travel agencies to promote assigned Airlines. 3. Handling agents issues and problems. 4. Reporting issues to the right party to be resolved. 5. Handling outdoor sales campaigns.
• Persuasive personality • Full awareness of Airlines computing systems (Ticketing and Reservation) is an asset • Active and ambitious character • Good command of computer • Encompassing friendly attitude • Having the ability to build strong relations with clients and agents
1 - 2 Years.
Other Skills
very representative
Educational trips abroad Discount on Airline tickets.
Job Contact Email

Junior Accountant - Gulf Travel & Tours

Gulf Travel & Tours
Perfect command of English language is must. preferably Language School graduates.
Full Time
Transfers selected information to the financial accounting system, verifies invoices are correct and are cleared for payment. - Receive vouchers claims and obtain approval as goods or services are received. - Verifies calculation for payments. - Post invoices for the correct accounting code. - Post petty cash disbursement and cash. - Post petty cash transaction on system on daily basis. - Monitor cash custody and conduct the cash physical count - Where appropriate for services, ensure obtain required authorizations before posting payment. - Preparation of invoices ready to be paid. - Resolve any queries as requested relating to accounts and financial information. - Carry out analysis of accounts as requested. - Investigate accounts and deal with all files. - Ensure all documents are maintained. - Assist in calculation of banking/consumed hours, and transportation. - Ensure that payroll is calculated correctly - Ensure that new starters are added to system and leavers taken as advised - Assist in preparation of payroll reports and statistics - Communicate with all internal communication
Bsc of Commerce(English section, Excellent command of computer.
1 - 2 Years.
Fresh graduates can apply. Please mention Job title in the subject bar, otherwise your resume will be discard.

Food Safety Expert - AECOM International Development

AECOM International Development
Food Safety Expert
Full Time
AECOM International Development seeks a Food Safety Expert for an upcoming USAID-funded Trade Facilitation Program (TFP) based in Cairo. The multi-year program will be aimed at improving trade and customs practices in Egypt to promote and facilitate sustainable economic growth. The Food Safety Expert, specifically, will be responsible for providing technical guidance and analysis on current food safety systems, as well as designing and implementing systems designed to improve food safety with the intent of improving trade.
• Ten to fifteen (10-15) years of strong food safety experience, preferably on large, complex USAID-funded economic growth programs. • Master’s degree or higher in relevant field. • Strong knowledge of current Egyptian trade and customs regimes. • Excellent knowledge of current Egyptian and international food safety requirements and practices is required. • Previous experience in overseeing a technical component of a donor-funded program is preferred but not required. • Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic required. • Strong management skills and excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.
10-15 Years.
Leland Howard

Chief finance officer CEO

Urgently needed for a leading construction company located In New Cairo: 1. Chief finance officer CEO: General Requirements: *A...