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Jan 7, 2011

( TOT ) دعوة للحصول علي منحة

يدعو المجلس القومي للشباب أبناء محافظات القاهرة الكبرى للحصول على 
شهادة مدرب معتمد من شركة مايكروسوفت للعمل كمدربين أندية تكنولوجيا المعلومات بمراكز الشباب (TOT) وذلك في إطار بروتوكول التعاون بين المجلس وجمعية الرعاية المتكاملة في مجال تدريب الشباب ويهدف المشروع لإعادة تأهيل شباب الخريجين وإعدادهم للعمل في مجال التدريب بنوادي تكنولوجيا المعلومات بمراكز الشباب .

وتعقد يوم الخميس الموافق 13/1/2011 اختبارات القبول والمقابلات الشخصية واختبارات الحاسب الآلي سواء الشفوية (مستوى ICDL) أو العملية علي الأجهزة من خلال لجنة من جمعية الرعاية المتكاملة وشركة مايكروسوفت والمجلس القومي للشباب وذلك بمركز التعليم المدني بالجزيرة من الساعة العاشرة صباحا حتى الثالثة مساءاً .

ويتم التدريب بإجمالي 156 ساعة في مجال تكنولوجيا المعلومات (IT)  و المهارات الشخصية و تدريب مدربين  (TOT)
, و عقب الانتهاء من التدريب مباشراً يحصل المتدرب على شهادة مدرب معتمدة من مايكروسوفت ويشترط أن يقوم كل متدرب يحصل على المنحة بتدريب عدد (100) شخص بالهيئات الشبابية . وللحصول علي الاستمارة الخاصة بالتقدم لاختبارات الحصول علي المنحة من خلال الضغط علي الرابط المرفق أسفل الخبر لتحميل الاستمارة , ويتعين علي الشباب المتقدم للاختبارات ملء الاستمارة وارسالها علي البريد الالكتروني

في موعد غايته 11/1/2011

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How To Successfully Prepare for an Interview

An interview is in fact a magic wand. It can get you a new job, change your present boring career into an exciting one, and get you a job that pays many times your current salary. It is something that can improve your career and make your life into a much better one.Successfully handling an interview has indeed become a necessity rather than a luxury! However, along with the good points associated with an interview, it has its rough edges as well. It is a place where one's abilities are challenged to the greatest extent and his/her entire personality/attitude evaluated. It tests all your skills and can bring out certain facts about you, which you yourself wouldn't have been aware of! However, with proper practice and effort, you can successfully face an interview. This article outlines the important points that you need to remember while preparing for the interview. 
  1. Be confident. Confidence is the most important factor you must have while preparing as well as facing an interview. Be positive throughout. Instead of getting tensed and excited about the interview, stay cool and prepare patiently for the interviewwith the firm belief that you can successfully handle the interview. Firms are on the lookout for candidates who are confident (not over-confident, of course!) and can handle a task assigned to them with confidence. Your knowledge in that field of business, however strong it may be, won't be of any help if you aren't confident.
  2. Be well aware of the type of job. You should be well aware of the nature of the job that you are going to get if you pass the interview. Most of the questions posed will be testing whether you understand the nature of the job and have the ability to handle it. If you are well versed with the requirements of the job, the interview is half done. Never attend an interview without having an idea of the responsibilities required.
  3. Know the firm well. Have good knowledge of the firm you are going to work for. Most firms have websites that contain key information about them. Visit the sites and learn as much as you can. Know key people associated with the firm. It is always advantageous to have deep knowledge of the products offered by the company and the current market trend. Think of a few suggestions that you feel can improve the product. This is a very likely question and you surely won't have time and patience to sit and think over it at the interview table. Please don't criticize the products of the firm or the presentmanagement techniques used by them. No firm wants to hire rebels!
  4. Handling tech interviews. Tech interviews need a somewhat different type of preparation. You must have a very deep understanding of the subjects related to the job you are applying for. Know beforehand the technologies used by the company. Gather such information from books, online and people working in the same or similar firms. Know about the latest developments in the area you are applying for. Show qualities of teamwork since almost all tech jobs involve hundreds of people working on a single project. Team spirit is as important as the technical knowledge you possess.
  1. Have mock interviews. Have mock interviews with yourself (maybe in front of a mirror so that you can know and improve upon your facial expressions or body language) a few times before the interview. An even better option would be to have someone else close to you ask probable questions with you answering them in a serious interview environment. This makes you more comfortable with the interviewenvironment and hence more confident.
  2. Know a few lines about yourself. An obvious question, which makes most of us sweat in the interviewroom, is when the interviewer asks us a few lines about ourselves. After a few lines, we run out of topics and start blinking! Instead, think beforehand and know quite a few facts about yourself. Let it not be too positive or too negative. Giving negative points shows your humility but telling too many of them will make you an inappropriate choice for the post.
  3. Success stories. Think of all possible success stories that you have had. An interview is an appropriate place to boast of your past successes! If such a question is asked at all, you get a chance to impress the interviewer and prove that you can successfully carry out tasks assigned to you.
  4. Never get tensed while in the interview. Some interviews are conducted in the name of ‘tech interview' or ‘aptitude interview,' but a better name for them would be  ‘stress' interviews. The aim of the interviewer is to make you angry, frustrated or break you down completely while yours is the opposite. If he wins, you lose the job--otherwise, you have the job! Whatever interview it may be, don't tense up. Be cool and calm and show the interviewer that you are emotionally strong, whether you really are or not!!
  5. Prepare for the question, ‘Why do you want to work for this company and not Company X, which is doing much better right now?' You can prepare suitable answers of this commonly asked question based upon your own views and convictions.
Wish you all the best for successfully preparing for and attending an interview!

Job Interview Questions -The Correct Way to Answer

Question #1 – Like me – Like me NOT

One of the most common interview questions is, “What did you like most, and what did you dislike most about your last job?”When you give your job interview answer for this question you want to make sure that you do not speak too negatively about your prior company. If you do so, this may lead the person that you are interviewing with to assume that you will do the same with their company. Job interview answers are not always the easiest to spin into something positive. You may need to write, rewrite and rewrite again to get this answer correct.
Try an answer something like this: “I enjoyed the company because they rewarded the employees when all goals were completed. It showed us that they really cared about our hard work and us. I would have enjoyed the it more if they would have had more advancement opportunities.”  
Question #2 – weakness VS. STRENGTHS
Employers tend to ask about your strengths and weaknesses. They may form the questions like this, “What is your greatest weakness?” and “What is your greatest strengths?”
Most individuals can come up with a job interview answer for strengths in a heartbeat, but can’t come up with a weakness that they are willing to share with others. So they stumble over the answer and end up sounding a little weak in the interview. Make sure you do not refer to your weakness as such, spin it to a positive.
So look at the better way to have a job interview answer for this question: “I enjoy taking pride in my work so I tend to take a little too much time checking it. Luckily I have learned some new features of Microsoft office 2007 that have helped me to better and more efficiently check my work.
Question #3 – The boss is wrong!
There are times when interview questions that will ask you about your judgment. They may ask you, “What would you do if your boss told you to do something and you knew that was the wrong way to do it?This question may make you start to squirm a little in your seat. How in the world are you going to answer this without getting them upset? Try a job interview answer along these lines: “To be honest with you, I’m not sure what I would do. If it was something minor I may just do as I was told, and go with the flow, but if it was something that I knew was really wrong I would have to talk to him about it.”
You may also want to mention the fact that some people take confrontation differently than others. There are supervisors that you can approach and would have no problem with you letting them know they are wrong. There are also supervisors that do not care to have their authority challenged, even in private conversations.
Question #4 – Have you done your homework?
Sometimes the interviewer will ask you this question, “How did you get ready for this interview?” or “What do you know about our company?”
OK, your first responses is Oh no, not a pop quiz! I can’t do that! There has to be a way to avoid this job interview answer! Alas, this is not so!
Make sure that when you do send in your resume that you look up the company on the Internet and see if they have a website. See what they are about, what their mission statement is, and if this would be a company you would want to work for. Then a great job interview answer would look like this: “When I found the ad in the Anytown Daily Press I did a Google search on your company and went to your website.
I was impressed by your mission statement and the amount of community service that you do every year, that is something that is important to me as well. I looked over your annual report and noticed that the company had a slight increase in the equity this year. I think that with me in the accounting office that I will be able to assist the Accounting Manager in at least doubling that target. As you can see on my resume…”
As you can tell, the interviewee did their homework, and was able to show the employer that he or she had as well. It’s important to keep the employer on your side. The best thing to do is to have knowledge, for knowledge is power.
Points to Keep In Mind:
  • Make sure to know something about the company before interviewing
  • Do not speak of another company negatively
  • When asked for your weakness, turn it into a positive
  • Breathe, the interviewer is a person too 
  • Be as honest as possible without sounding negative
  • Don’t use big fancy words, be yourself
  • Make sure that you are prepare for your interview by looking up information on the internet

The Most Common Interview Questions

5 Common Interview Questions You Have To Be ready For

Common Interview Questions: #1 – Why do you want this job?

This job will enable me to use the skills that I gained at ABC College and at XCD Company. I have heard that this accounting firm works with many of companies in the area. I am interested in working alongside the accounting department to build a relationship with these companies and potentially gain more clients.A job interview is to help a potential job interviewer to determine the good candidates from the best ones. You obviously had something about you that caught the company's attention or they would not have called you in for an interview. Now you need to let them know why you picked them, out of all of the jobs in the paper, to send your resume to.
Common Interview Questions: #2 – Why did you leave your last job?
I left my last job because I was not satisfied with my advancement opportunities. I had risen to a level where I no longer could continue to grow and share my knowledge with the company. I knew that I would be able to grow here at Parker, CPA, LLC.
Even if you left your last job because you didn't get along with your last boss. Don't speak negatively about your previous employer or company. This does not look good on you to your potential employer. They then think poorly about you and wonder if you are going to speak poorly about them as well. They do not want nor need a potential troublemaker working for them.
Common Interview Questions: #3 – So, what do you know about this company?
While I was preparing for the interview, I did read on your website that this company is the second largest manufacturer of PVC piping on the East coast. I was impressed with that fact since the company has only been open for 5 years. I know that I would love to work for a company that is up and coming it it's field like that.
The reason that this is one of the most common job interview questions is the fact that interviewers want to see how serious you are about getting the position they are hiring for. If you cannot show the interviewer that you know anything about their company it will show them that you were not very serious about the interview. Show them how much you want the job.
Common Interview Questions: #4 – What is your attitude toward work?
My attitude is that when there is work to be done, it should be done and done correctly. I like to get things done right away so when I am done I am able to help others who may need help with one of their projects or work on one of my other long-term projects.
Another good common interview question because the employer wants to know what your work ethic is. Make sure you don't lie about your work ethic though. If you get hired for the position and you do not live up to your interview answer you may become a disappointment to your employer and it could lead to a termination. Always be honest!
Common Interview Questions: #5 – Why should we hire you?
My attention to detail, and my experience through my internship with Oceanview Medical during my senior year at MyTown Community College has prepared me to work with your company as a lab technician for your company.
Make sure that you state your skills to your interviewer. They do have your resume, but it sounds better coming from you. Only you can sell yourself the way you need to be sold.
Points to Keep In Mind:
  • State skills to employer
  • Never lie during an interview
  • Be prepared to explain your work ethic
  • Prepare for your interview
  • Never speak negatively about your last employer
  • Be prepared and allow the interviewer to know why you want to work with them
Sell yourself!

How to Follow up After Submitting Your Resume

Calling to Follow up on Your Resume

When contacting a potential employer it is considered polite to wait between 7 - 10 days.
At that point you are able to email if you were given an email address, or call unless the ad specifically stated no calls.
You would then introduce yourself (in whichever format you are contacting them) and ask any questions you are interested in knowing.
Questions that can be asked:
  • I was wondering if you could tell me the status of my resume?
  • Will all candidates be contacted, with either a yes or no answer?
  • Is there any further information that you need in addition to my resume?
  • When will you be making a final decision?
Speak to the Right Person
When calling to contact your potential employer after having sent your resume you need to speak with the person who is hiring or the human resources manager. If they are not available, your next best choice would be leaving a voice mail for them.  This gives you enough time to breathe, get ready for the message, and leave all pertinent information.
If you are unsure what to leave on a voice mail message, consider writing a script for yourself prior to making your phone call. This way you are able to focus on what needs to be said and get all of your information in without forgetting anything.
Try not to make this message like a dialogue from a play that will bore a potential employer and cause them to possibly delete your message and count you out. There is also the possibility that their voice mail system may not allow very long voice mail messages and it may cut you off at a critical juncture of your message.
It may be within your best interest to rehearse what you are going to say in your follow up call so you are not stumbling over your words. This will come across to your potential employer as a strong conversationalist, with the forethought to call about a job that he or she really wanted. That is a check on the good side for you.
Emailing to Follow up on Your Resume
A resume tip that many individuals tend to find hard to comprehend is the use of professional sounding emails. They tend to find many ways to rationalize their email address. But I can tell you that hotchicx246@hotmail.com orbasketballjones@gmail.com is NOT professional.
You want to try to use a more professional email address. Try using something likejohn.smith@gmail.com or jane_doe@hotmail.com. If you do not have access to another email address there are many free email address platforms such as Gmail,Yahoo or many others.
When emailing a query make sure to attach a resume to your query. There is a possibility that your resume may not have gotten to them.
If you are not sure of resume alignment when emailed, make sure to send it to someone (friend or family) and have them tell you if it shows up on their computer properly. You want to make sure that your document comes off as a professional resume not an amateur document.
Last Minute Follow Up Ideas
Please keep a record of whom you have sent your resumes to, that way you can keep track of whom you are following up with.
It would not be professional if you were to call someone and then realized that you had called him or her a couple of hours ago about the same job. Make sure to keep track.
It is necessary that you respect company time. Most businesses are extremely busy on Monday mornings since the vast majorities are closed on weekends.
Lunchtime, from 11am – 1pm, is normally short handed because there are several people out on lunch. So, I beseech you to be aware of the time frames that are a little busier and not call during these times.
Points to keep In Mind:
  • Respect company time
  • Track where you have sent resumes and follow up information
  • Attach resume to email follow up
  • Send resume to friend or family to double check resume format
  • Have a professional email address
  • Contact hiring agent or manager
  • If manager is not there, leave voice mail
  • Write script if unable to come up with something to say
  • Rehearse your script so you don't stumble while you talk
  • Wait between 7-10 days to contact

7 Secrets To A Successful Job Interview

Job Interview Tips

Job interview preparation is a key element in a person's career. If you genuinely believe that you have the skills for the positions you are trying yet you are hopping from one interview to another, then you seriously need a job interview makeover! Read on as we itemize the secrets for a successful interview.
1.   The Art of Talking – Say MORE with LESS

Are you good at extemporaneous speeches? You know, that game where you pick out a topic out of a bowl and talk about it and try to convey all the relevantinformation you know in less than two minutes. If you have never done this before, now is the time to try.

Interviewers do NOT have all day. You need to make an impression in that limited amount of time you are sitting in front of the interviewer(s). And we are not just talking about empty words. Clear and concise is the name of the game. Learn how to put your best foot forward without using too many flowery words or by starting from that medal you got during first grade. 

MAKE A LIST of highlights in your personal and professional lives and then try to convey those in two minutes or less. Practice in front of the mirror or with a friend.
2.   Familiarize Yourself with the Company

Walking in an interview without the slightest clue about the company you want to work for spells for disaster. Employers like to know that you are indeed keen in joining their firm. As such, PREPARE. The easiest way to do this is to visit the company's website. If you got hold of the lead for the firm through a friend or a headhunter, ask them for more information about the firm. 

In general, you should at least know the firm's main line of business, location(s), size, and corporate culture.
3.     Preparing for the Position
In today's tough world, it is not enough to know about the company, you should also think ahead and prepare for the position itself. List down the experiences and personal traits that would make you best suited for the position. This will surely be one of the questions of the interviewer so it is best not to fumble with your reply. Instead, convey an air of confidence that you can do the job.
4. Dress Appropriately

When it comes to job interviews, first impressions DO last. Make sure you are dressed in casual or formal office attire. Limit your jewelry and tone down the perfume or after-shave; you do not want to choke the interviewer with your strong scent do you? 

Make sure you comb your hair just before you go into the interview!
5. Bring in the Right Attitude
The best clothing in the world cannot cover a weak spirit. Bring in the right attitude into an interview. 
  • Come in with a smile and shake hands with the interviewer firmly.
  • Answer questions in a clear and firm voice.
  • Be alert to your surroundings and appear interested at all times.
6.     Do NOT be Late
Under no circumstances should you be late for an interview. It is a sure way to convey that you are NOT the one for the job. Further, arriving early means you have time to freshen up a bit and not look like you ran through traffic. 
7.     ASK!
Do not be afraid to ask questions. Asking about the company and the position at hand conveys keen interest. Tell the interviewer that you do not want to waste his / her/ their time so you would like to ask some questions (e.g., who will be your boss, what the firm's expectations of you are for the first 6 months, salary expectations, etc.) 
Bonus: Answering Right
ALWAYS talk in a positive light. It will do you no good if you take this opportunity to mention how ‘backward' your current boss is or how your current employer is ‘unfair' when it comes to promotions.

8 Things You MUST Avoid on Your Resume to Land the Job

Resume Tips

A resume can make or break your entry into any firm. In the span of a couple of pages you need to communicate that you are THE one that they have been looking for all this time. 

So how do you ensure that your resume does not end up in the trash bin and that you end up called for an interview? Avoid the obvious but oh-so-common mistakes mentioned in this article! 
Killer Mistakes that can Kill Your Resume

1.   Avoid applying for the wrong position. 

Don't people read? This is the first thing that will surely turn recruiters off and make them hit the Delete button on their computer or put your resume into the Recycle tray. 

2.   Addressing the wrong contact person

Most job ads will state the contact person so avoid addressing the wrong person or sending an email to generic addresses like HR@<company>.com. Not only does this convey that you did not take the time to read the job ad thoroughly, this may also mean that the recruiter may never see your resume. 

3.   Avoid long narratives

Recruiters hate long resumes especially if they do not say anything about why you qualify for the job you are seeking. If your resume is reaching five pages, re-do it. 

4.     Avoid using acronyms

Acronyms make resumes unreadable. All those jumbled letters make your resume look like alphabet soup!  

5.     Avoid word repetition

Ok, we all know that lists do the trick in resumes but must each item begin with “Managed the…” or “Responsible for…”? These repeated words make a resume B-O-R-I-N-G…   

6.     Avoid placing photos in your resume

This tip holds especially true if you are asked to submit your resume electronically because it makes downloading of your resume slower (which annoys most people). Further, if they print out your resume, it consumes colored printer ink (which annoys people even more!). 

If you must include a picture, use only formal photos. Never include inappropriate pictures. No, that headshot taken in the theme park is not a good idea.  

7.     Avoid placing links to personal blogs

Do not forget what a resume is all about; it is a summary of qualifications that make you suited for the job ay hand. Unless you are applying for a writer position, the recruiter does not really care that you have an online presence

8.     Keep it real

The ultimate sin you can commit when writing your resume is to lie. In today's competitive job market, where there are more ‘giver's than ‘takers', employers are more cautious and do conduct extensive background checks. They call up previous employers, conduct credit checks and even Social Security checks which is actually not surprising given the rise in identity fraud.
So there you have it; avoid the above mentioned resume blunders and your resume will surely be noticed! 

Junior UPS Sales Engineer

UPS Sales Engineer
Full Time
Provide indoor and outdoor sales services of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply/System)batteries, Power distribution equipment and monitoring systems.
Bsc degree in Engineering.
1 - 2 Years.
Readiness to work for extended hours to meet work deadline requirements. Ability to communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical personnel. Very good skill in using computers and management of technical information systems. Ability and willingness to work cooperatively in a team environment with others internally and externally in the course of daily activities.
Company transportation, Medical care coverage, Life insurance, Social insurance, Incentives & Bonus plans, Mobile line.
Minimum of 2 years of hands on experience in the same field. Good educational background/ awareness. Very good technical skills and diagnostic capabilities as well as the ability to learn new technologies and systems. Excellent communication and customer service skills. Experience with UPS system. Excellent communication and customer service skills.
Hazem Elmissiry

Junior POS Technical Support Engineer - Network Processing Company (NPC)

Network Processing Company (NPC)
POS Technical Support Engineer
Very good command of English
Full Time
1- Back up and perform maintenance to the POS terminals Term Master as well as VeriCentre Profile databases. 2- Handle GSM and GPRS connectivity networking related issues. 3- Monitor and maintain the POS network. 3- Supervise the POS maintenance related issues with maintenance agents. 4- Review and maintain the POS Server (Term Master Server, TEMS server, IENView and VeriCentre) on a daily basis 5- Monitor the POS network software on a daily basis. 6- Support to NPC operation and IT teams in matters concerning POS terminal configurations and different POS technical Issues. 7- Support the POS terminals’ profiles/SQL servers. 8- Perform periodic testing and debugging of POS applications. 9- Deploy new POS Technologies. 10- Maintenance of the database Query. 11- Issue POS database reports
1 year of experience
1 - 2 Years.
Excellent communication skills
Please disclose the job title in the email subject line.
Mrs.Maha Shehab

Junior Receiving Specialist

Receiving Specialist
Good command of written and spoken English
Full Time
1. Coordinates with the purchasing departments to achieve the balance between the delivery of materials and the availability of stock in the stores area. 2. Examines the products from the suppliers and checks its status (color, type, weight, quantity) and expiry dates. 3. Prepares the monthly activity report highlighting, the accuracy of the stocks, the balance of the raw material, stock level of the spare part and submits to the Logistics and Project Management Manager.
1. From 2-4 years of experience in receiving and logistics is a must. 2. Good command of written and spoken English 3. Very good computer skills 4. Experience in F&B / food production industry is a must 5. Preferably graduates from college of agriculture
1 - 2 Years.
Social and medical insurance
1500 - 2500
Interested candidates should send their CVs mentioning the job title in the subject, mails without job title will be totally discarded
Nahla Abd El Khalek

Junior Oracle DBA - Asfour Crystal

Asfour Crystal
Junior Oracle DBA
Full Time
Responsible for supporting the Oracle 10g databases and ensuring their performance , availability and security .
-Bachelors degree - computer Engineering preferred . -Oracle Certified Professional ( OCP) preferred . -1 year Experience in the field
1 - 2 Years.
good communication skills
Medical care Transportation
Mohamed Abdelrahman Mahmud

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