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May 1, 2011

EQUATE Petrochemical Company

المعرض القومي الاول لتوظيف شباب مصر

وكيل بالدلتا والاسكندرية

جائزة الكويت لعام 2010 دعوة للترشح

Cairo Science and Engineering Festival

Recruiting secretary

Career Opportunities In Medical Group

DR SULAIMAN AL HABIB medical group
Career Opportunities In Medical Group

• Pharmacy Services Manager
Master’s Degree in Clinical Pharmacy from reputable

Five years minimum experience in supervisory level.

• Clinical Pharmacists

Master’s Degree in Clinical Pharmacy from reputable

Practical experience is preferred

• Pharmacists

Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy Sciences from reputable

Two years practicing pharmacists experience

• Assistant Pharmacists

Diploma in Pharmacy Sciences from reputable

Three years practice

• Merchandisers or Promoters

• Diploma in Commerce or any other relevant
qualifications -
• English Language proficiency
• Two years experience in customer services
particularly in known hypermarkets.

Our remuneration package offers

• Competitive Salary (Tax Free)
- Free Housing (Furnished Family Accommodation )
• Free Malpractice Insurance Yearly Bonus (Service

Special Incentive Scheme

- Health Care Insurance (including Dependents)
- Child Education Allowance
• CME and other benefits
Please send your updated CV with recent photograph

Tel: +966 595097755 Fax: +966 - 1-4646136
Email: pharmacist@drsulaimanalhabib.com 

A leading company in QATAR

A leading company in QATAR is looking for qualified and experienced personnel for their Craft Bakery Manufacturing unit and Food and Beverage section.

We provide a great working environment with opportunities for personal, professional and career development. We are looking to fill the following positions.

• Accounts Executive - 2
• Admin Assistant -1
• Assistant Accountant - 3
• Billing Clerk (Bakery) - 2
• Cake Decorator -1
• HR Executive -1
• Commis I & Ill-Pastry - 4
• Driver -1
• Kitchen Helper 2
• Store Keeper -1
• Waiter - 5
• Accounts Supervisor - 2
• Artisan Bread Maker - 1
• Assistant Baker -
• Butcher -1
• Chef De Partie - Pastry - 2
• HACCP Assistant - 2
• Dispatch Clerk (Bakery) - 3
• Merchandiser 2
• Restaurant Manager -1
• Viennoiserie Maker -1
• Waitress - 5
• European Sandwich Maker - 2
• Commis I & Ill - (Cold & Hot Kitchen) - 4
• Sales Assistant (Bakery) - 10
• Sales Supervisor -1 (Bakery)

Please send your resumes to: hrm@almanagourmet.com
All applicants should have relevant experience in their respective fields

نصير الأسدى يقيم مدينة صناعية بـ "العاشر" بتكلفة 200 مليون دولار

ردا على مزاعم هروب الاستثمارات العربية من مصر بعد ثورة 25 يناير، أكد رجل الأعمال العراقى نصير عباس الأسدى، رئيس مجلس إدارة شركة التجمعات الاستثمارية الأردنية المتخصصة والمالكة للشركة فى مصر، تركيزه خلال الفترة القادمة على سرعة إنجاز مشروع المدينة الصناعية الذى يجرى تنفيذه فى منطقة زيزينيا بمدينة العاشر من رمضان على مساحة مليون و100 ألف متر مربع بتكلفة تصل لـ200 مليون دولار.

يصل "الأسدى" إلى القاهرة خلال الأسبوع القادم، ليواصل نشاطه والبدء فى المشروع الذى تحول إلى واقع ملموس عقب ثورة 25 يناير التى غيرت وجه مصر، حسب قوله.

وقال "الأسدى" فى تصريحات لـ "اليوم السابع" إن مناخ الاستثمار فى مصر عقب 25 يناير أصبح أكثر استقراراً وجاذبا للاستثمارات العربية وتوفير مظلة آمنة لحقوق المستثمر العربى من حيث تقديم الضمانات الكفيلة والمساعدة على تحقيق أفضل النتائج بأقل تكلفة.

وتضم المدينة الصناعية بمنطقة زيزينيا بمدينة العاشر من رمضان، عدة مصانع للملابس الجاهزة والنسيج والاكسسوارات والصناعات المتحدة والمكملة لصناعات الملابس والمنسوجات والصناعات الهندسية والإلكترونية وصناعة المجوهرات وصناعة الأثاث وصناعة المستحضرات الطبية ومواد التجميل وخدمات التخزين والمستودعات.

وحول ما تم إنجازه فى المشروع قال "الأسدى" إنه تم حتى الآن الانتهاء من الجزء الأكبر من البنية التحتية وبالتحديد تركيب محولات الكهرباء ولوحات التحكم الخاصة بهذه المحولات إلى جانب الانتهاء من شبكة الصرف الصحى، علماً بأن الشركة تقوم بإنشاء عدة مبانٍ نموذجية تقدم جميع الخدمات التى تتطلبها الحياة لمن يعملون فى هذه المنطقة الصناعية.

Researcher at Microsoft

Job Category: Research
Location: Egypt, Cairo
Job ID: 752351
Division: Microsoft Research

Title: Researcher
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Lab: Microsoft Innovation Lab, Cairo (CMIC)

CMIC is a Microsoft applied research lab representing the company interest in applied research and development initiatives in the Middle East and Africa. CMIC projects are initiated and self-directed by the staff and are measured by their success in producing new concepts, economic and business value and ultimately in tech transfer into Microsoft products and services.

CMIC is seeking to hire a talented and highly motivated applied researcher in the areas of analytics, machine learning, information retrieval, and data mining. Prior research on Social Networks would be a plus.

Job Responsibilities:
Conduct research in the aforementioned areas.
Engage Microsoft product groups on problems of mutual interest to enhance Microsoft’s product offering.
Work closely with internal CMIC incubation team to aid their charter of delivering highly innovative solutions.
Establish strong collaborations with other researchers inside and outside of Microsoft.
Show community leadership in the area(s) of expertise.

PhD degree in areas related to information retrieval, data mining, or machine learning (or the equivalent combination of education and experience).
Extensive knowledge and experience in at least two of the following areas: statistics, data analysis, data mining, web mining, machine learning, user modeling, information retrieval, e-metrics/measurement, parallel and distributed computation (three or more areas are preferred).
Experience in analyzing very large real world datasets (esp. web data).
Prior research on Social Networks would be a plus.
Superior communications skills, both verbal and written.
Hands-on approach to data analysis and a strong focus on quality.
Ability to work independently and in a team to develop innovative solutions.
Programming skills and experience (e.g. C/C++/C#/SQL).

To Apply 

فورا فورا محاسبين للرياض

مقابلات على طول لمحاسبين (( لمكتب استقدام )) في السعودية بالرياض
غدا الاثنين الموافق 2 / 5 / 2011
العنوان 6 / ش علي يهجت المتفرع من ش مصر والسودان / حدائق القبة
 م . حسن عبد العزيز
بيانات الارسال :
المرتب مناسب جدا ويعرف حين الاتصال
- بك تجارة قسم محاسبة
- يجيد استخدام الحاسب الالي
- يكون جيد في اللغة الانجليزية او متوسط
المقابلات والسفر على طول لمن عنده استعداد للسفر

CSI Lead at Microsoft

Job Category: Marketing 
Location: Egypt, Cairo 
Job ID: 744109 Division: Marketing

Standard Title: Internal: MEA CSI Lead External: MEA Open 
Source Strategy & Relations Manager Version Date: Updated: May, 2010 
Profession: Marketing 
Discipline: Product Marketing CSP Name: 
Partner/Segment: Project/Product: 
Reports to: Area: CMSG Leader in A13 In subs, reports to Sub. BMO Leader 
Is This Job Eligible for Incentive Pay? Area HR to determine (but not usual) 

Job Profile 
The Commercial Software Initiative’s (CSI), Mission is to: Win 
market-share through mind-share, changing perceptions so
 Microsoft is seen as an “open” company Work with Governments
 and Standards Bodies on government procurement preferences
 and the Open Cloud. In the field, the CSI Lead brings unique skills and
 perspective to the subsidiary (or Area). The Area CSI Lead is the Subject
 Matter Expert on Open Source Software (OSS): the industry; its business,
 development and licensing models key partner channels and “routes to
 market” for commercialized Linux Server and OpenOffice overall competitive
 landscape with regards to OSS The CSI Lead is seen as the expert on
 Microsoft’s “Openness” framework, understanding how Microsoft adopts and 
engages with Open Source models whilst also competing directly on
 a product to product basis. As such, the CSI Lead is responsible for driving the
 Openness Marketing Initiative as the main vehicle for changing perceptions
 and telling Microsoft’s Openness story. The CSI Lead has a unique, cross-segment,
 cross-product, cross-audience and cross-industry perspective. A successfu
CSI Lead brings strategic insight and leadership to the management team and
 has a responsibility to monitor the local marketplace for emerging strategic threats.
 CSI Leads are adept at external engagement, positively influencing sometimes
 sceptical audiences and building relationships with key local influencers to positively
 change perceptions with regards to Microsoft’s “openness”. The core of CSI’s role is 
to win Mind-Share so that we ultimately win Market-Share. Internally, CSI is tasked
 with enabling the Area/Subsidiary to tell the openness story and to compete against OSS.
 Expert in driving cross-boundary collaboration and execution, the CSI Lead will
 ensure that key local spokespeople can tell the Openness story and will engage
 directly, where necessary, to help close important deals thus demonstrating deal-closing,
 revenue generating value. Job responsibilities of the MEA Area CSI 
Lead are: Be the subject matter expert on Open Source Software, and 
guide subsidiary CSI Leads Build and orchestrate the Area’s “Openness”
 marketing plan Be able to tell the all-up Microsoft “Openness” story around
 the business benefits of our approach to standards, interoperability and open 
source software in a clear, consistent way with measurable impact on our target
 audiences. Provide coaching to subsidiaries on same Be the prime (but not only) 
spokesperson for the Open Message (in partnership with the following groups:
 Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE), World-Wide Partner Group (WWPG), 
National Technology Officer (NTO), and Legal & Corporate Affairs (LCA)). Work 
with DPE and WWPG to evangelise Microsoft’s Client, Server and Cloud Platforms,
 encouraging PHP and other OSS developers to build on the Microsoft platform Reach
 out to Open Source Communities and their Leaders Engage and positively influence 
communities by developing and communicating the story of how our products 
positively impact consumers, developers, partners, IT Pros, Government and 
students through the value the products offer in themselves and through their 
unparalleled ability to inter-operate with other products Execute PR and digital 
marketing campaigns with an emphasis on reference studies, community
 outreach, social media and technology announcements from across the
 companyWork with Governments and Standards Bodies on government 
procurement preferences and the Open Cloud overcoming “open source” and
 standards as impediments in these areas. Compete against specific open source 
products such as Linux and OpenOffice in partnership with the relevant Business 
Groups (BGs), DPE and Competitive Market Strategy Group (CMSG) guidance. 
Identify the top 3 account situations, per subsidiary, through the account planning 
process that CSI Lead needs to engage proactively. Be available to sales teams
 to engage with customers, helping to deliver deals through adding cross-platform
 open-source and open standards expertise. Note that for this role, the
 customer-facing job title can be: Platform Strategy Manager, or 
Open Source Strategy & Relations Manager (do not advertise 
externally as CSI Lead) Primary Job Functions 
Responsibility/Activity Estimated Annual % of Time 
Build and execute the local Openness plan to gain 
mind-share and market share. Min. 40% 
Direct engagement with key local influencers 30% 
Maintain deep knowledge of key OSS competitors and activities both 
locally and internationally which may impact the local market. Monitor local marketplace for emerging strategic threats 15% Work with BGs and Segments
 to support OSS Compete within their marketing and sales activities 15% 

Candidate Profile 
Area Qualification Description of What’s Needed 
Experience What work experience is essential to the job? How many
 years of previous work experience would it typically take to gain sufficient 
experience in these areas to minimally fill this job role?
 No related experience 5 - 8 years of related experience
1 - 3 years of related experience 8 - 10 years of related experience
3 - 5 years of related experience 10+ years of related experience 
What type of supervisory or management experience would be
 necessary to fulfill the job requirements, if any? Forming and managing
 v-teams Influencing across organizational boundaries 
Education What education is typically required for the job? Required
 Preferred High School 
Associate’s Degree 
Bachelor’s Degree (B.S./B.A.)
Master’s Degree
Jurist Doctorate

Field of Study (if applicable): Marketing/Business preferred;
 Computer Science (as primary degree) also acceptable 
Professional Training and Certification 
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Skills & Abilities Excellent verbal and written 
communication and influencing skills Strong strategic thinking and leadership
 skills Strong marketing skills Excellent collaborative and virtual teaming skills 
Strong creative thinker Required Knowledge Detailed knowledge of the Open 
Source environment: software development, business models, licensing models, 
competitors and community. Strong technical computing knowledge required to 
establish credibility with influencer audience. Cross-industry knowledge with a 
strong strategic perspective. Good knowledge of Microsoft’s business and how 
it relates to the industry in general. 
The role will require up to 40% travel.

To Apply 

Licensing MM at Microsoft

Job Category: Marketing
Location: Egypt, Cairo
Job ID: 741624
Division: Marketing

Standard Title: Licensing Marketing Manager 

Data posted : 25/4/2011
Career Stage: (IC 1-7 or M1-5) IC3-IC4 - Small/Medium Sub IC4-IC5 - Area Level or Large Sub Profession: Marketing
Discipline: Partner, Segment, Audience Marketing CSP Name: Partner, Segment, Audience Marketing
Partner/Segment: BMO Project/Product:
Reports to: BPO
Is This Job Eligible for Incentive Pay? No

Job Profile (Short Job Description) (1/2 page)
Within the subsidiary, the Licensing Marketing Manager role drives, champions and executes Volume Licensing marketing and readiness plans for Field, Customers and Partners. The LMM role is responsible for managing the Licensing experience for Customers and Partners, landinglicensing programs and providing the voice of the field on Licensing to the corporate stakeholders. The LMM role directly impacts Revenue growth and Customer Partner Experience. An essential aspect of the role of Licensing Marketing Manager is to align the content, timing and delivery of marketing messages and outreach to Microsoft’s customers and partners Responsibilities include: Owns and manages the LMM Scorecard for the subsidiary Works across Sub and with Corporate to develop licensing strategies and plans aimed at increasing overall Volume Licensing (VL) revenue, penetration and customer and partner satisfaction. Lands new licensing programs by designing and executing readiness plans to prepare Field and Partners Works very closely and aligned with other local Licensing teams Sustains and drives internal and external adoption of existing Licensing programs. Responsible for all licensing communications, training, and readiness - both internal and external Serves as Sub’s voice of licensing to corp and ensure that local requirements are reflected in the development of global licensing strategies and execution plans Develops and executes a Licensing CPE (Customer Partner Experience) improvement plan in conjunction with the Sub CPE lead Creates licensing marketing materials and adapt ones created by corporate to meet local market conditions Orchestrates planning and execution of Volume Licensing pricing promotions. Creates and engages with customer and partner councils to identify opportunities to drive licensing, and ensure its clarity and simplicity Creates awareness/educate others about licensing improvements (i.e. in terms of simplification to Area/Sub and stakeholders). Provide learning frameworks. Gathers market intelligence to understand local market and enable adapting of plans for specific market conditions Acts as spokesperson/SME for Subsidiary around licensing topics, programs, tools, and processes. Participates in corporate and regional events and communities to learn and share best practices; to drive the evolution of global licensing; and to ensure operational and execution effectiveness and efficiency. Engages, influences, and provides a continuous feedback loop to other sub stakeholders (BG, Channel Marketing, BMO, Segments, etc.)
Primary Job Functions

Responsibility/Activity Estimated Annual % of Time
Marketing: Drives execution of internal, customer and partner contact strategies, creates and/or localizes marketing materials, delivers internal, customer and partner presentations and briefings, orchestrate promotions councils. Drives efforts for widespread take up of licensing promotions and new licensing vehicles (e.g. EAP, ECI). 30%
Readiness: Builds and executes readiness plans to drive broad field and partner licensing knowledge, partners with local stakeholders and Corporate to deliver and integrate licensing content for key priorities and initiatives (e.g. Software + Services, Virtualization, etc) 30%
Business Strategy: Builds, maintains and implements the licensing strategies for addressing local opportunities and challenges 20%
LMM Scorecard and RoB: Is accountable for the achievement of the LMM Scorecard. Engages and participates in the LMM RoB representing the subsidiary. Engages with local stakeholders to gather, consolidate and relay the voice of the sub. 20%

Candidate Profile
Area Qualification Description of What’s Needed
Experience What work experience is essential to the job? How many years of previous work experience would it typically take to gain sufficient experience in these areas to minimally fill this job role? No related experience 5 - 8 years of related experience
1 - 3 years of related experience 8 - 10 years of related experience
3 - 5 years of related experience 10+ years of related experience
What type of supervisory or management experience would be necessary to fulfill the job requirements, if any? The LMM role might be required to hire and manage contingent staff to help support execution. Supervisory experience is highly recommended.
Education What education is typically required for the job? Required Preferred High School
Associate’s Degree
Bachelor’s Degree (B.S./B.A.)
Master’s Degree
Jurist Doctorate

Field of Study (if applicable): Marketing, Business Administration
Professional Training and Certification Marketing Planning Marketing Communications Licensing MCP (Recommended)
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities This position requires a minimum of 5+ years of experience in Segment or Partner Sales and/or Marketing. The successful candidate must have a strong analytical mind coupled with excellent verbal/written, and interpersonal/negotiation skills, as well as the ability to work effectively in a multi-tasked, highly-matrixed, and fast-paced environment. Advanced project management skills a must with proven record of delivering results. Self-motivated, directed person; ability to build strong, lasting business relationships; ability to understand the customer and market trends Strong understanding of customer behavior, partner ecosystem and/or sales segments is required. Having this understanding with the CXO/executive level is a plus

To Apply 

Fresh Graduates Internship on Microsoft Technologies

An Internship for graduates of the last 2 years in Cairo and Giza, who have potential and passion to work in the field of Microsoft IT Consultancy. 

If you are selected You’ll get into an excessive training program on the latest Microsoft Products delivered by experienced specialists. including but not limited to: Windows server 2008 Active Directory, MS Exchange server 2010, MS SharePoint 2010, MS TMG 2010. 

Also you’ll get a chance at the end of the training program to be selected to work in Microsoft partner corporation (ITE Corp.) in Dokki, Giza – Egypt

Send your CV to: Jobs@itecorp.net with subject: “FG4 Internship”. 
Tel:02 3 338 1170 

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