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Aug 24, 2011

Graphic Designer - Evedia

Creative graphic designer Required must have experience at least 2 years and must fluent in dealing with the programs

(Photoshop, illustrator, in design, 3d max)
please Send your CV with job title in the subject + sample of work.

Job vacancies in SALES DEPARTMENT

Hiring Now @ ALEXANDRIA - Job vacancies in SALES DEPARTMENT AT A MULTINATIONAL COMPANY with High salaries and other benefits – job location in ALEXANDRIA
Requirements: -
• Males only apply
• Alexandria residency
• Excellent English
• Presentable
• College graduate
• Maximum age 30
• Working hours from 9am-5pm
• Transportation
• Social insurance coverage
• Medical insurance coverage
• Mobile postpaid line
Please the e-mail subject line should be: SC-1 (CVs without this subject will not be viewed)
Candidates must have a residency in Alexandria preferably Alexandria citizens
Please send your CVs to: CC@esnad-bpo.com

موظفة خدمة عملاء وتسويق لشركة ديكور ومقاولات

مطلوب موظفة خدمة عملاء وتسويق لشركة ديكور ومقاولات بالمعادى القاهرة مؤهل عالى سنة التخرج من2007 الى2011 ترسل السيرة الذاتية مرفق بها صورة حديثة على
موقع الشركة

" هشتغل أى حاجة.. وظفنى حالا" صفحة جديدة على الفيس بوك

دشن الشاب أحمد شعيب صفحة جديدة على موقع التواصل الاجتماعى الفيس بوك بعنوان " هشتغل أى حاجة .. وظفنى حالا "، يقول أحمد شعيب "من الآن فصاعدا يجب أن نبدأ العمل فى أية " شغلانة " لأن العمل يعطى الخبرة وكثرة العلاقات التى تتيح إمكانية الانتقال إلى عمل آخر يتناسب مع تخصصك العلمى" .

ويضيف، بدأت فكرة الصفحة من معاناتى الشخصية فى البحث عن عمل ، وأقوم على الصفحة بتجميع الوظائف الخالية التى يعلن عنها فى الجرائد والمجالات وعلى حوائط المكاتب فى الأماكن المختلفة، وهناك ثلاث رسائل هم الهدف الأساسى للصفحة ، الرسالة الأولى موجهة إلى طلبة الجامعات هناك على الأقل 4 سنوات تقضيها فى الجامعة تستطيع من خلالها أن تتعلم أكثر من لغة وتأخذ الكورسات المختلفة، بالإضافة إلى العمل حتى تكتسب الخبرات ، ويتم الاستفادة من كل دقيقة فى حياته .

الرسالة الثانية موجهه إلى خريجى الجامعات ، والذين لا يملكون أية خبرات أو مهارات ، فهؤلاء يجب أن يتعلموا بشكل أفضل عن طريق الكورسات المختلفة فى جميع المجالات .

الرسالة الثالثة موجهة إلى خريجى الجامعات ولديهم مهارات وخبرات عليهم أن يعملوا أى شىء فى البداية، حتى يستطيعوا التوصل إلى الوظيفة التى يريدونها .

ويضيف على الجميع أن يعرف أن هذه الصفحة ليست شركة توظيف ولكن هذه الصفحة وسيلة لتعريف الشباب بالوظائف المتاحة

Tax Accountant

Tax Accountant
Full Time
1.Advises management regarding taxes business activities which has an effect to reduce any tax liability. 2.Collects data about Egyptian Tax Law to ensure that UCMENA is fully compliant with all local tax law and regulations. 3.Provides tax advice on commercial transactions and business proposals. 4.Prepares tax forms (income tax, withholding tax, stamp duty tax, payroll tax, sales tax, etc) 5.Follows up regular payment and works on arising problems with tax authority. 6.Maintains updated records of due taxes for tax authority. 7.Works closely with receivables accountant for sales tax 8.Works closely with payroll accountant for income taxes. 9.Analyzes tax statistics on monthly basis, and generates related reports. 10.Finalizes tax inspection with tax internal auditor.
•Bachelor degree in accounting. •Diploma in Taxes is preferred. •Specialized courses in Taxes •Good command of English. •Very good computer skills (Word, Excel, power-point, outlook, and internet). •Very good communication and negotiation skills. •Strong interpersonal skills, team player, and independent employee. •Minimum 5 years experience in tax field in Egypt, preferably with a reputable FMCG company or a multinational auditing firm.
6 - 9

Equity Trader

Equity Trader
Full Time
Duties & Responsibilities: — Follow up actively on market news, flow and sentiment and circulate the news in a timely manner to the asset management team — Highlight investment opportunities and communicate them to the portfolio management team m in a timely manner — Closely monitor trading positions to insure the smooth open & close of the position, , communicate stop loss & profit taking levels upon there occurrence & reporting any anticipated change in the trend that might go against the trades favor. — Execute the daily orders at a timely manner and at the best possible prices of the day. — Perform a daily analysis for the investment menu & the over all market trend to come up with recommended exist & entry levels for the market & individual stocks, in addition to being fully aware of fundamental news circulated in the market that would have impact on stocks or over all market movement.
Qualifications : • Bachelor degree in economics/ finance. • Minimum 3- years of experience in the Egyptian Stock market. •Strong analytical, & quantitative skills •Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken. • Ability to work well within a team environment
3 - 5
Dina el Mahy Delmahy@egy.primegroup.org

Fresh Graduate UK Account Customer Service Representatives

BDO Esnad
UK Account Customer Service Representatives 
Call Center
Full Time
-Handle British Customers inquires and complaints. -Ensure customer delight and satisfaction. -Log customer details on the CRM. -Provide customer with accurate information and right solutions. -Performs other duties as assigned by management.
-Fluent English is a must (British/American accent is a plus) - Customer oriented - Ability to deal with other cultures - Good computer skills - Excellent communication skills - Fast learning capabilities 
0 – New Graduate
JOB BENEFITS - Salary EGP 2,400 net - Medical insurance coverage - Eligible for company ongoing benefits - Transportation - Meal allowance - International exposure - Healthy work environment
1500 - 2500
JOB 1BENEFITS - 1Salary 1EGP 12,400 1net - 1Medical 1insurance 1coverage - 1Eligible 1for 1company 1ongoing 1benefits - 1Transportation - 1Meal 1allowance - 1International 1exposure - 1Healthy 1work 1environment

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