Oct 3, 2011

Facebook Careers

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Platform & Product Marketing Careers - Facebook

We're not your average Marketing department. We love all the great apps on Facebook and we want developers to succeed, so we spend all our time helping them to do just that. We are obsessed with social media and use our knowledge to create great and innovative marketing strategies. If you are always one step ahead of the pack and have great ideas then you should join our team.

Open Positions

Ads Marketing (3)

Corporate Communications (1)

Developer Relations (3)

Monetization (18)

Platform Product Marketing (11)

Online Operations Careers - Facebook

We test our agility every day, making sure users and advertisers have the best experience on Facebook for sales, inquiries and daily operations. On any given day we could be responding to multilingual user inquiries about the site or implementing successful ad campaigns. We enhance site efficiency and deliver top-rate customer experiences. If you like finding solutions and have knowledge to share, then join our team!

Open Positions

Sales & Business Development Careers - Facebook

We're obsessed with social media and business strategy, so we spend our time creating strategic partnerships and working with some of the most exciting companies and brands. If the idea of representing Facebook in an industry with some crazy growth excites you, then you should join our team.

Open Positions

Account Management (7)

Ad Operations (8)

Business Development (5)

HR (1)

Inside Sales Ireland (13)

Online Sales Operations (3)

Sales International (13)

Sales UK (4)

Sales US (5)

Growth & Analytics Careers - Facebook

We grow Facebook's user base and advertising business across the world. We create marketing campaigns that inspire moms in Brazil to use the Photos application and small business owners in Wisconsin to use Facebook Ads. We're the people that make sure that your marketing dollars get a great return. If you'd like to have your reach span the globe then you should apply to join our team!

Technical Operations Careers - Facebook

We're the Linux gurus and Networking ninjas that keep Facebook up and running. We're constantly challenged to scale quickly and efficiently and are always looking for the best way to create a reliable experience. If you take pride in uptime and dream of building scalable systems then you should work for us.

Open Positions