Dec 6, 2011

SME Sales Officer - Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Bank
SME Sales Officer
Arabic - English
Full Time
will be responsible for marketing “new to bank SME accounts focusing on liabilities business and cross-sell of SME products (Trade & Working Capital; FX Business Loans etc.)
SME Experience is a must oung and energetic outdoor sales personnel for our SME business
1 - 2 Years.
Banking Experience is a must - Cairo & Alex
2600 - 4500

Job-Contact Information

Fresh Graduate International Account Advisor UK Account- Vodafone Egypt

Job ID1691
International Call Centers
Full Time - Permanent

Act as a frontline interface with customers of Vodafone companies worldwide. Role involves responding to customers over the phone and resolving their inquiries. The main purpose is to facilitate and provide a Vodafone global customer service standard
-Own and manage the client relationship: resolving calls efficiently and effectively. 
- Ensure service level agreements are met and maintained.
- Work as part of a team to ensure offering world-class Customer Service at all times.
- Be proactive in regards to the improvement of processes and procedures.
- Communicate positively with all involved parties in order to facilitate customer's reception of the expected distinguished service.
- Create and promote an environment that fosters both individual and team advancement to ensure the outstanding delivery of customer service.
- Mentor and support new employees.
- Use the job tools (telephone and computer) effectively.
- Meeting service level in handling all transactions measured through productivity reports.
- Accuracy in handling all assigned tasks.
- Attendance and punctuality.
- Maintain professional work relationships with colleagues, supervisor and manager.
- Teamwork spirit.
- Flexibility.

- Fluent English.
- Strong verbal communication skills.
- Demonstrates a positive, enthusiastic, friendly attitude.
- Ability to work on a 24 hours shift basis that will include night hours.
- Proficiency in using MS Office application

No Subordinates
International Account Supervisor

Fresh Graduate International Customer Service Representative

Egyptian Contact Center Operator - ECCO
International Customer Service Representative
- fluent English
Call Center
Full Time
- Answering calls from VIP customers. - handling complaints. - working on shift basics..
- Fluent English Speakers. - Graduates - Males preferably - Maximum age 27
0 – New Graduate Years.
- medical and social insurance - VPN Line - Meal allowance - transportation
Rana Aslan

Fresh Graduate Marketeers Research

Marketeers Research
Accountant / Financial Analyst
Excellent English language
Accounting, Marketing
Full Time
Accounting through Peach Tree program. Conduct analysis of projects to identify improvement areas & action to take. Provide management with projects progress reports. Work with other departments for proposals and project plans
Prefer familiar with Peach Tree Program. Good in numbers and analytical skills.Minimum grade (Good) at graduation
Accounting/ English
0 – New Graduate Years.
1500 - 2500 
Mrs Inas Wahba.

Fresh Graduate Junior Customer Service Agents - Salary More Than 2400 LE

Professional Recruiter
Job Title
Customer Service Agents (English Speaking)
Job Type
Full Time
Handling Customer Services duties and responsibilities
Graduates from language schools or universities are highly preferred
Education Major
2400 L.E + other benefits
Job Contact person
Mohamed Marzouk
Job Contact Email

Ushers - Magic Galaxy-City Stars

Magic Galaxy-City Stars
Job Title
Job Type
Work will be Evening time
Female Ushers Needed for an Event in City Stars in December
Send your CV + Photos to:
After sending the Email you will get all Details - 
Put the Word "Usher" in the Subject of the Email

Job Contact Email

Job Contact Email

وظائف الاسبوع وظائف خالية وفرص عمل 6 ديسمبر

شركة مصرية ايطالية لمستحضرات التجميل AZZURA

وظائف وزارة التعليم العالي والدولة للبحث العلمي

Great opportunity to joinGreat opportunity to join Tourism Company

programmers php & mysql

Sec to country manager / International Marketing Agency

A receptionist - Palm Hills Gym

Commercial sales officer & Senior commercial sales officer

Software Company Careers

Documents Attendant/ Secretary

Sales Advisor - International Health Insurance Company

Marketing in Door - Mahgoub Group

Reservations & Customer Service - Travel Agency

Sales freelance - SPY Advertising

Head Of Legal Department - Multinational Insurance Company

Marketing Manager - FMCG field

Customer Service Agents وظائف خدمة عملاء حديثى التخرج - بشركة فيديكس

Accounts Auditor (Code: 16)  وظيفة مراجع

Costs Accountant (Code: 15) وظائف خالية - وظيفة محاسب تكاليف

HR Administrator (GSS)-83913 وظيفة ادارى اتش ار - شركة سيمنز

Senior HR Administrator (GSS)-84939 وظائف خالية - وظيفى اتش ار - شركة سيمنز

International Payroll and HR Administration Manager-84938 وظائف بشركة سيمنز

Commercial Manager (EF IE)-80036 وظائف خالية - وظيفة مدير تجارى - شركة سيمنز

Supply Chain manager-85521 وظائف خالية - وظيفة بشركة سيمنز

Female, Marketing representative وظائف خالية - وظيفة مندوبة تسويق

E-Marketing وظائف خالية - مطلوب لشركة برمجيات كبري مسوق الكتروني

Merchant Acquisition Officer مساعد مسئول محلات

Graphic Designer - A Leading Consulting Company

PROCESS ENGINEER - Oil & Refineries Corporation

Ticketing Officer - Concord Royal Travel

Foreign Purchasing Senior - Gotex&Gotech

Technical Support Engineer - Ecco Outsourcing

Microsoft Messaging Consultant

Call center agents - Salary starting 2500 LE

Coordinator Internet Researcher

Net Developer - Doha


Junior - Accountant محاسب حديثي التخرج

اسعار الذهب فى مصر اليوم بالجنيه المصرى 6 ديسمبر

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اسعار الذهب فى مصر اليوم بالجرام بالجنيه المصرى

سعر جرام الذهب فى مصر اليوم بالجنيه المصرى، أخر تحديث للاسعار فى الثلاثاء, 6 ديسمبر - 2011 3:55 مساءً بالتوقيت المحلى لمدينة القاهرة
العيارالسعر الحالى6 ديسمبر 2011السعر السابق5 ديسمبر 2011التغير
جرام عيار 24330.01333.83-1.16%
جرام عيار 22302.62306.12
جرام عيار 21288.76292.10
جرام عيار 18247.51250.37
جرام عيار 14192.40194.62
جرام عيار 10137.61139.21
اسعار الذهب فى مصر اليوم بالجرام، أخر تحديث فى الثلاثاء, 6 ديسمبر - 2011 3:55 مساءً بالتوقيت المحلى لمدينة القاهرة