Mar 15, 2012



The Database Supervisor plans, coordinates, supervises and controls the daily activities of the Database Operators.
He leads specific projects related to the database.
Furthermore, he is in charge of the productivity and quality objectives.
He ensures that the work methods comply with the internal procedures and operation mode, the quality criteria and set deadlines.


1Contribute to the integration of new colleagues (training, monitoring)
2Coordinate all the activities of the team and share out the work between the database operators
3Provide direct support to the team
4Develop and share his knowledge and abilities with his team
5Ensure and control the procedures application, in particular for seeds’ management
6Contribute to the improvement of the procedures and tools
7Control the daily activities of the Database Operators and coach them by reviewing the calls
8Define the scripts to address each update types
Update them according to the changes in data sources, field requests or business needs
9Organize, supervise and follow up the update requests from internal and external customers
10Improve the database quality, implement new clearing and validity checking procedure
11Prepare, coordinate and implement match & merge operations
12Keep himself updated on technological developments provided by the Corporate Global One Key teams and look over the Internet for information that may impact the database
13Can analyze the workload for the ad hoc tasks needed to run the customers projects (as Match & Merge operations, database enrichment, etc.)
14Analyze with the Database Manager the efficiency of its team
15Prepare the dashboard and the statistics on the update requests for the customers
16Report to his management the major customer issues
17Can ensure that the database administration activities complies with local legislation on data files
18Can support Direct Marketing activities according to local organization
19Follow up the postcode and healthcare structure evolutions
20Can process all daily updates and changes coming into the database in the country, deliver on time, follow high quality standards and meet the agreed service level agreements
21Can answer and follow up updates requests on the phone, keyboard updated data into the database
22Can check data consistency into the system
23Can improve database quality, implement new clearing and validity checking procedures
24Maintain a strong knowledge of the local healthcare market in the local country


Minimum of 2 years experience in a similar position.
Fluent English Command.
Preferably graduates from Computer Science or Engineering.
Good Communication skills.
Good problem-solving and Leadership skills.
Multi-task and ability to work under pressure.

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