Mar 15, 2012

Software Engineer - sumerge

Position: Software Engineer
Job Description:
• Participates in design, implementation and support of software products and/or systems.
• Performs technical tasks including study, analysis, design, programming, product installation, system integration, and conduct education courses.
• Advises others on tools, technology, and methodology related to implementing IT solutions in their area of specialty
• Compares and articulates alternative approaches to a design, and implements technical solutions that meet initial requirements
• Prepares and reviews design documents, code and other development deliverables
• Developing and unit testing of assigned code
• Participates in the projects estimation and planning
• Provides problem determination and code fixes
• Investigating and introducing new technologies to the development team
• Writing operational documentation
• Maintaining systems by monitoring and correcting software defects

• Computer Science graduate
• General computer science knowledge (languages, compilers, algorithms, analysis, programming structure) acquired through university education or equivalent experience
• Fluency in speaking and writing English

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