Apr 17, 2012

IT Administrator - MHG

Urgently Needed: IT Administrator

Key Responsibilities:

-Organizes and maintains information in efficient advanced filing systems and schedules different IT events in order to ensure the smooth running of the operation.
-Oversees and ensures that the office administrative functions of the IT department are effectively carried out.
-Prepares and organizes the day-to-day running of the IT department to ensure the provision of high-quality support (attendance, leave requests, travel plans, training, transportation
-Follows up on different requested Share Point issues.
-Ensures that relevant information and/or equipments are gathered and prepared as requested by the supervisor for meetings, trips and events.
-Collects, researches information and follow ups on all assigned issues.
-Performs technical, and/or specialized office support work.
Compiles data for the preparation of the annual budget as well as monitors and tracks expenditures, ensuring the department remains within approved budget allocations.
-Follows up on IT purchases, agreements and invoice issues as assigned.
-Updates and follows up on IT administrative information (suppliers, business partners, IT contacts, organizational charts...).
-Follows up on different administrative details such as departmental/division activities and day to day operations.
-Performs project research and reports preparation related to the activities of the department, as well as prepares and updates a variety of periodic, special narrative and statistical
-Prepares correspondence, reports, forms, vouchers, work orders and specialized documents related to the department from drafts, notes and brief instructions compliant with the
departmental policies.
-Ensures proper management and follows up on all IT equipments (Blackberries, Laptops...) with respective parties.
-Provides support and training when needed to users related to several IT Tools such as MS Office and other Microsoft Applications.

Qualified Candidates should send their resumes to careers@mhgsite.com

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