Apr 17, 2012

Senior Chemical Trading Engineer

Big Company is seeking a highly qualified candidate for the

" Senior Chemical Trading Engineer "

Job Description :

· Marketing (importing & exporting of mainly chemical products,
opening new market and creating new customers, etc).

Chemical products to be handled, but not limited to :

1. Olefins (Ethylene, Propylene etc.)

2. Polymers: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), PE – PP – PET
– PC & PS.

3. Fine Chemicals: Glycerin – PVA – PTA – MEG.

4. In-organic Chemicals : Fertilizers (Ammonia, Urea, Phosphate,

· Logistics and documentation job for the import & export business

- Logistics job includes Monitoring shipping schedule of the
chemical products to and from Egypt.

- Monitoring payment arrangement by foreign / Egyptian
customers such as L/C opening at proper timing and terms and

Documentation job includes checking whether following documents are
arranged at proper timing and terms and conditions.

- B/L.

- Invoice

- Packing list

- Certificate of quality/quantity

- Certificate of origin

- Others

· Business development for the Projects mainly related to oil &
gas and chemicals.

· Above job description may change according to the Company's own
judgment or requirement

Job Requirements:

· Previous experience at least for 5 years, preferably more than
10 years in trading or chemical trading field.

· English school, with a university degree (preferably faculty of
engineering, commerce)

· Excellent English.

· Computer skill is required (windows – excel – word –
power point – outlook – internet)

· Well experienced and motivated person.

· Completed or exempted from military service.

· Age between 30 to 40.

· Candidates should be resident in Cairo

Anyone who is interested in the above position is kindly requested to
send resume to the following email address: r.kamel@unplugged.com.eg
More info will be furnished upon request.
P.S.: Kindly name your attached resume with your Full name, with your
recent photo mentioning the Job title in the subject.

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