May 30, 2012

Regional Purchasing Manager

Urgently Required Inside Egypt
job Title : Regional Purchasing Manager
Food Retail Purchase Experience is a MUST

Job Scope
To supply goods for the company in optimal quantities. To not exceed targeted unavailable products, to realize the central warehouse stock turnover rate and to organize test sales of new products that are aimed for selling at all companies.
To carry out the shipment of products which meet the legal quality standards and which fulfill the requirements of quality agreements made with producers.

To work in cooperation with all departments of the company in every respect in an effort for the company to achieve better results and success.


1.To order all products in optimal quantities from suppliers.
2.To perform quality control on a regular basis. To test the conformity of the quality between the sample given by the producer and the product itself. To decide, if need be, whether or not to purchase the good according to the information given by the reception of goods unit. To send the products to a laboratory for testing, if need be, and to inform the General Purchasing Manager about the results.
3.To offer consultancy service to the General Manager on all issues related to purchasing.
4.To specify the purchasing conditions of products at the testing level, particularly those in his/ her partner group, in compliance with the testing and regional product procedures, to present the conditions to the GM. To analyze the results of products tested. To make the necessary preparations and present to the GM the product which achieved regional sales success with the aim of offering it to other regions.
5.To negotiate and bargain with producers for maximum 5 to 7 products (except for Spot products), in compliance with the testing and regional product procedure, to specify purchasing conditions and present them to the GM. To make proposals to the GM regarding the purchasing, withdrawal and sales price of these products.
6.To make proposals to the GM regarding the withdrawal of products which show poor sales in the region and in the general product range.
7.To make necessary preparations for the order of speculative products, imported products and pricing and to present them to the GM. To ensure that the orders are received within the specified time period.
8.To ensure that the number of stock out products in the warehouses is 10 maximum and the stock turnover rate is 4 minimum.
9.To make weight and quantity tests of 3 products at the reception of goods unit on a daily basis and to keep records of these tests.
10. To select one product for taste tests every day and at least 3 products for laboratory tests every month, to keep a record of their results.
11. If need be, to decide on the sales of products in the warehouses.

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