Jun 28, 2012

Customer Service Manager Position

Customer Service Manager

Fields of Work: Customer Service / Telemarketing, Real Estate, Sales/Business Development

Job Description:
Required for a leading Real Estate Company.

1. provide expertise in modeling and mapping business processes

2. Set the overall department procedures and work standards

3. Set the overall department objectives in line with the overall company strategic direction

4. Prioritize and set targets to be achieved within specific time frames

5. Identify the department budget and other resources needed to achieve the desired objectives

6. Assign duties to other department members

7. Direct the department members on the best practices of performing the job tasks

8. Review progress and identify performance deviation

9. Identify the reports needed, to help collect and analyze various data

10. Spot patterns and relationships that yield to an understanding of a situation or solving problems

11. produce reports to monitor results

12. present recommendations to senior management based on his / her findings

13. Set a development plan for the team members and identify tailored training programs with respect to the position core competencies and duties

14. Apply a succession plan by identifying potential managers and excel them into special managerial training programs

15. Motivate the department members and apply a successful compensation and incentive system according to performance

16. Conduct various periodical meetings with the department staff to discuss whatever problems and issues that need to be either solved or cleared

17. Conduct performance Appraisal Meetings to review the previously agreed upon targets achievements and set new targets for the next period

18. Recruit and hire the needed human power in the department

19. Interpret and resolve conflicts within the department members

20. Conduct the overall company’s administrative policies and guide lines

Job Requirements:
Prefered experience in the Real Estate Field.

To Apply kindly send your updated CV to info@jobrp.com , please mention "Customer Services Manager" in the subject line of the email.