Jun 11, 2012

وظائف فودافون لخريجى دفعة Discover Business Associate 2012

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16 يــــــــــــونيه 2011

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+ Discover –Business Associate 2012
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Discover –Business Associate 2012
Job ID 2182
Full Time - Permanent

To grant talented fresh graduates a challenging business exposure through customized job rotation, coaching and corporate networking; enabling them to reach their full potential and make a tangible difference to Vodafone.

On the job learning:
Excelling in all the tasks given to you by each of your coaches in your designated rotations, showing commitment, knowledge transfer and quality work.

Eagerness to gain new information and continually enhance your understanding

Acquiring information and skills through gaining experience and practical understanding of a subject matter

Craving for info that would broaden your mind and enhance your understanding

Exceeding expectations in taking on challenging tasks

Combining enthusiasm with dedication and pledge to drive the exchange of promises

Investing in your personal development by acquiring significant skills and business practices

Reaching effective methods through unique, inventive and novel approaches

Possessing the skills, knowledge and ability necessary to effectively deliver optimal results

Report delivering:
Delivering the assessment reports and presentations required.


Clearly practicing and showing the Vodafone Way competencies in all the actions and on the job:
Innovation Hungry :show openness to change and creativity
Customer obsession: show willingness to learn and know about customer needs, how to serve the customer and commercial awareness
Operate in a speed, simplicity and trust: show flexibility, delivering results, solve problems,commitment,team work ,planning and organizing

Technical / Professional Expertise:
•2012 Graduate from a major that related to our business
•Have an accumulative Grade: Good
•Have Perfect command of English language
•Have Previous internship with related experience
•Have Extra-curricular activities

No Subordinates

Development Senior Supervisor

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